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Advanced Diagnostic Testing and Treatment Techniques to Treat Dry Eye in Greater Houston

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Do your eyes feel strained and tired at the end of the day? You may have dry eye syndrome! Relief is possible! Schedule a dry eye evaluation at our specialty dry eye center at Evolutionary Eye Care! We have advance diagnostic testing and offer the most up to date treatment techniques to treat dry eye. Schedule online at or call us at 281 545 4901 today! Relief is possible at Evolutionary Eye Care!

Vision Therapy in Sugar Land, Greatwood and Richmond

Here at Evolutionary Eye Care, we provide specialized care for all vision needs.  Dr. Chau provides vision therapy which ensures that the entire visual system is functioning properly.  Vision therapy is an ocular physical therapy that helps the brain and the eye communicate properly.  This  ensure the visual skills needed for good vision is functioning coherently and efficiently.  Therapy can be intensive and utilizing filter, lenses, prism and both computerized and non-computerized assisted activity.  Vision therapy may be beneficial for those struggling in school, suffering from eyestrain/headaches, fluctuating vision, suffering from- double vision or been diagnosis with a learning disability.

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