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Effects of Visual Impairment on Mental Health in Greater Houston

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Vision is everything for a person. It is through the eyes that we perceive, understand, and live to the fullest. Vision loss can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. The eye nerves are directly connected to the brain. So any changes in the neural activity of the eyes will definitely affect how the brain functions. The initial feeling of vision loss is like going through the process of grief. At Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland, Texas, we are committed to providing you with excellent eye care treatment.

Mental Health of Kids:

Children are getting easy access to digital devices. Continuous periods of watching leads to digital eye strain. This leads to chronic eye pain and poor eyesight. Vision problems in children make them feel insecure in school. It inhibits their ability to socialize with other kids. The blackboard cannot be seen accurately, which leads to distraction and frustration. Parents should be able to identify the symptoms of eye pain or irritation and take corrective measures. In Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland, we have excellent eye care professionals for kids. Your kids will be examined in a calm and gentle environment. The eye doctors in Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland conduct a comprehensive eye exam. After an assessment of vision, the right course of action is prescribed, such as visual aids and therapy. You need to take immediate action to take care of your child’s eye health so that they can function to an optimal level in their adult lives.

Dry Eye:

This is a condition in which there is a deficiency of lubricating tears in the eyes. As you age, there is a higher probability for the onset of the Dry eye condition. The United States has more than 30 million people who are affected with dry eye. Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland has the best professional care to offer for dry eye care. Eye drops are generally prescribed for the optimal stimulation of the ocular glands. If the level of severity is high, then surgical procedures are recommended. When you have itchy and dry eyes, it is imperative to seek the right medical help. The causative factors for this medical condition have to be accurately diagnosed. Eye care professionals in Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland are highly experienced in the treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction(MGD) commonly known as dry eye

Lasik Surgery Treatment:

Lasik is especially useful for people in the age range of 20 to 40. Lasers give the corneal exterior a new shape. Lasik eye surgery in Sugarland is performed by specialist eye surgeons in Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland. Dr. Anith Pillai leads a team of eye health professionals in Evolutionary Eye Care in Sugarland. They specialize in pre-testing of eyes and the correct follow-up procedures for Lasik eye surgery in Sugarland. Cataract surgery is done to people who are older than 50 depending on their nature of the impairment after conducting a comprehensive eye exam in Sugarland.

Some thoughts to cope with vision loss:

Never feel alone. Always seek professional help for knowledge and encouragement.

Participation in daily social activities will make you feel good and leads to improvement in brain functioning. There is no stigma associated with vision impairment. If you believe this, your psychological health will not deteriorate.

With the right technical measures, you will be able to perform well at the workplace. This leads to much valuable life satisfaction, and you can stay independent.

Share your experiences with family and friends. This will make you feel empowered. This leads to much-needed self-confidence, which reinforces the positive regions of the brain.

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