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How To Protect Your Eyes In The Swimming Pool? in Greater Houston

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Whether you are practicing for your next swimming competition or simply taking a leisurely dip in the pool, it is necessary to protect your eyes. Several people face a stinging or burning sensation in their eyes just after a swim. The surface of your eye has the tear film which is responsible for keeping your eyes watery. These components present in the pool water, especially chlorine, can affect this tear film, causing irritation and redness. If this happens, then you need to visit a reputed cypress optometrist who can prescribe you a solution. It’s essential to take some precautionary measures, and here are some things that you can do.

Wear Goggles

You should always wear goggles the moment you step inside the pool, but you should not wear just any random pair of goggles. Your goggles should be airtight so that no amount of water can enter your eyes. Moreover, they should fit your face properly. Also, once you get the goggles, avoid sharing them with others because this can lead to the spread of germs. Take it from us; pink eye is no fun! Wearing goggles will prevent the water from coming in contact with your eyes. If you are confused regarding where to buy your goggles from, visit a reputed optometrist nearby, and they’ll be happy to make some suggestions.

Rinse Your Eyes

Once you come out of the pool, rinse and wash your eyes properly. Doing this will wash out any chlorine that has come in contact with your eyes. The water will also splash off any chemicals that have latched themselves onto your eyelashes or eyelids. If you visit a Sugarland eye doctor, he/she will always advise you to wash your body before you enter the pool as well so that you are not responsible for adding any chemical components to the pool water in the form of perfumes, oils or any other substance.

Use Lubricating Eye Drops

There are several over-the-counter eye drops available which are responsible for protecting the tear film of your eyes and keeping it balanced. These eye drops have a lubricating nature and will soothe your eyes for the duration of your swim. But you must always consult a reputed ophthalmologist Sugarland TX has to offer regarding the eye drops you should use.

Use Gel Tears

If you have dry eyes, then you can also use gel tears, which will keep your eyes moist and give some added lubrication apart from the eye drops. But for this case too, you should consult an experienced Sugarland optometrist for choosing the right gel tears for your eyes.

Take Off Your Contact Lenses

It is always advisable to take your contact lenses off before you step into the water. This is because they can harbor bacteria and then lead to corneal infection. Since you wear your lenses constantly, this means your eyes will be exposed to those bacteria, fungi or chemicals which, in turn, can result in a painful condition. A neglected infection can also cause permanent loss of vision. If you notice symptoms like redness, blurry vision or some discharge coming out of your eyes, then you should get an appointment at once from an optometrist 77479 in Texas has to offer.

We, at Evolutionary Eye Care, have the best Sugarland eye care facilities with state-of-art equipment and experienced optometrist in Sugarland TX. We believe in one-on-one approach and treat every patient equally. We promise to explain to you every examination that will be done and what each procedure is meant for, to ensure that your comprehensive exam goes smoothly. If you have any queries, feel free to ask them because we are ready to answer them all. Being one of the reputed clinics having the best optometrist 77479 has to offer, we strive to keep our patients comfortable and provide them with the best eye care in Texas.

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