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Myopia is a multifaceted disease that affects both the eyes and vision. It causes the eye to become shorter and more convergent, which leads to reduced visual distance. The progression of myopia is associated with a variety of environmental, genetic, and behavioral causes. Luckily, there are ways to slow myopia progression in children, potentially allowing their vision to improve.

1. Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology involves using special contact lenses specifically designed to give the same amount of correction as a conventional rigid lens. These lenses reshape the cornea over time, forcing its curvature to match that of the lens. This can alter the shape of the eye and, as a result, reduce myopia progression.

2. Putting the devices away

Electronic devices can cause significant blur and strain in the eyes due to the constant focus on these devices. Children should be encouraged to take at least a ten-minute break every hour from these devices to reduce the strain on their eyes. Children who watch excessive amounts of screens in their daily lives tend to develop myopia much faster and have a much more serious case of the disease by adulthood. Parents should limit how much time they allow their children to stare at screens.

3. Multifocal Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses

Multifocal lenses are individual lenses that combine the correction of distance, near and intermediate vision into one pair of glasses. While multifocal glasses are not a permanent solution, they can help slow myopia progression in children who take part in intensive sports such as tennis and gymnastics. Children who participate in sports that require a lot of hand-eye coordination, such as tennis and basketball, may be more inclined to suffer from myopia. The frequent convergence and divergence of the eyes can cause myopia development. Multifocal glasses provide a modest amount of distortion to the eyes, reducing or eliminating their need for straining.

4. MiSight Contact Lens

MiSight is a device that uses a combination of Orthokeratology and Multifocal Lenses in one lens, both of which have been proven to contribute to slow progression in myopia. The lenses help reshape the cornea and eliminate or reduce the stress on the eyes caused by strain.

5. Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine eye drops reduce the amount of myopia by stabilizing the refractive state that is caused by myopia. The eye drops work by dilating the pupil, preventing the accommodation reflex when an object is placed in front of the eyes. The eye drops cause the development of a focal point that prevents the eye from focusing on anything in particular. The result is a reduction in myopia, allowing it to become closer to an emmetropic state.

While there is no permanent cure for myopia, incorporating these strategies into one’s daily life can help reduce its effects and allow children to retain their vision. Evolutionary Eye Care offers services that help patients reduce the effects of their condition using special diagnostic equipment, treatment plans, and cost-effective solutions.

Written by Evolutionary Eye Care

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