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Improve Vision with Scleral Lens in Greater Houston

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This is an image of a Scleral lens over a distorted eye. These lenses can provide crisp, clear vision for patients with advanced eye diseases like keratoconus pellucid marginal degeneration, or for post surgical patients that have LASIKRK(Radial Keratotomy) PRK or corneal transplants. It can also help improve vision with patients who have cornea scarring, or for patients who just can not achieve their desired vision from regular soft contact lenses or glasses. If you are interested to see if Scleral lenses are option for you, call our office at 281 545 4901 or schedule online at!

Eye Doctor in Sugar Land, Greatwood and surrounding Area

Evolutionary Eye Care is dedicated to providing the most advanced medical eye care, tailored for you and your family. We have invested in the most advanced medical equipment to provide our patients with the best eye care possible.
Our sophisticated equipment not only allows for advanced treatment options, but also convenient eye exams for you and your family. At Evolutionary Eye care we provide HD Digital Refraction systems, giving our patients the most accurate prescription, in approximately half the time of a traditional refraction. We also provide Optomap Retinal Imaging, which allows our doctors to view the retina, without any dilation drops! This allows patients to continue their day without the side effects of dilation, and no drops are required.

As advanced as our equipment is, the staff and doctors are what really make our practice special. Dr. Pillai and Dr. Chau strive for the best patient experience possible, and take time to explain all exam findings and treatment options. Dr. Chau and Dr. Pillai also specialize in medical care including Low vision, Pediatrics, Binocular vision, Glaucoma, Diabetic eye care, Specialty contact lens fitting such as Keratoconus. Their training in these fields provides full scope eye care for all their patients’ needs. Dr. Chau is apart of the InfantSEE program, which provides free eye exams to children under 12 months of age. Dr. Pillai provides laser free vision correction with orthokeratology. Patients are able to have clear vision during the day, without surgery! So whether you need new glasses or contacts, or need more focused medical care, Evolutionary Eye care is here for you.

Call our office at 281 545 4901 or schedule online at

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