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Improving Your Vision With Ortho-K in Greater Houston

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When you suffer from poor vision, it can be difficult to deal with wearing glasses or contacts each day. There aren’t a lot of options available when it comes to permanently restoring your vision and seeing easier. Fortunately, there are many benefits that come with Ortho-K and how it can improve your eyesight. 

An Easy Procedure

Ortho-K is increasing in popularity because it’s an easy procedure that is non-surgical and involves reshaping the corneal. It works by targeting underlying refractive errors, which requires wearing gas-permeable lenses while sleeping at night. This helps to gently modify the shape of the corneal, which allows all light rays to bend and focus on the retina. This is a popular treatment method among different types of people because it’s even proven to correct eye conditions like astigmatisms and hyperopia. 

Benefits of Ortho-K

There are many advantages of Ortho-K, which include using contact lenses or glasses less frequently throughout the day. You can enjoy improved vision every time you remove the lenses in the morning after you wake up.

There’s also a high success rate with Ortho-K, which is why it’s currently in high demand. Older adults specifically benefit from the treatment and have found that it works well for slowing the progression of conditions like myopia. 

The lenses also work well for helping patients obtain 6/6 vision and have the same level of vision as 20/20, making it easy to see clearly and avoid relying on glasses or contacts. 

Understanding the advantages that come with Ortho-K can allow you to determine if it’s the right choice for you while working with your optometrist. You can look forward to treating any eye conditions that you suffer from and having a safe and easy process of improving your vision in a short amount of time while enjoying the lasting results that you achieve.

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