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Insurance Benefits, Use It or Lose It! in Greater Houston

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Can you believe it!? The end of the year is upon us and for you and many others, this means that your unused vision insurance benefits & flex spending accounts from this past year will NOT BE CARRIED OVER into the new year. This means you’ve got to use it or lose it!

Here at Evolutionary Eye Care, we want to encourage our patients to get the most value for their insurance benefits & flex spending and to take full advantage of those benefits before they run out. At each of our great locations we accept a wide array of vision insurance plans, including but not limited to, Aetna, Avesis, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and EyeMed, just to name a few. To see the complete list to find out if your provider is on the list just click here any time!

Things you can expect your benefits to cover:

Most vision insurance plans will cover the following:

When comes to reviewing the ins and outs of vision insurance it can be a little intimidating, but our incredible staff will help guide you through every step of the process so you can maximize and claim your benefits before they are lost when the new year rolls around.

How Can I Maximize My Flex Spending Benefits?

If you find that you’ve got a little extra flex benefit money leftover after getting your comprehensive eye exam, you can use those extra funds on Ortho-K saving you even more money in the future!

Be sure to schedule your next eye exam before the end of the year wraps up at Evolutionary Eye Care. Don’t let your hard earned benefits go to waste!

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