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Ortho-K Treatment and Its Importance in Greater Houston

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Ever dreamed of having clear vision without having to wear your glasses or contacts during the day? Thought surgery was your only option? Not so! Schedule your FREE Ortho-K consultation with Dr. Pillai today to see if you or your child is a good candidate for this revolutionary, non invasive procedure!

Ortho-K Treatment in Sugar Land – Greatwood, TX

Imagine waking up each morning with crisp, clear vision, without the use of contact lenses, glasses, or surgery.  Sound too good to be true?  It is possible with Orthokeratology!  Ortho-k is a process that utilizes gas permeable contact lenses worn only while you sleep to correct your vision.  The process gently reshapes the cornea (front windshield of the eye) at night, and allows for clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses.  The process is reversible, so permanent changes are done to the eye, unlike LASIK or other refractive surgery.  Ortho-K has also been studied to reduce myopic progression in children.  With the increase of tablets, computers, and smartphones, nearsightedness, or myopia, has increased dramatically in the youth population.  Ortho-k has shown to slow the myopic progression in several studies.  Dr. Pillai uses Cornea Refractive Therapy (CRT) lenses to provide Ortho-K correction.  CRT is FDA approved for overnight corrective therapy, and Dr. Pillai is a CRT certified practitioner.


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Overnight contact lens wear can be a major health concern if not done properly.  Sleeping in soft contact lenses can lead to inflammation and infection of the eye.  CRT lenses are FDA approved for overnight wear.  The lenses are high oxygen permeability, allowing them to be breathable, even during sleep. 


Myopia, or nearsightedness, has become an epidemic in the United States.  In the last 45 years, myopia has increased 66%!  It affects 1 in 3 Americans.  This increase is startling and is a major health concern.  Increase in myopia also increases a person’s risk for serious eye diseases such as retinal detachments and glaucoma, which can be blinding!  Several studies have investigated ortho-k as an option to slow myopic progression.  A recent 2015 study ( shows that ortho-k can slow myopic progression by as much as 45%!  The increase in myopia seen today puts children at greater risk for eye-related problems down the road.  Ortho-k can not only correct their vision, but it can help prevent it from progressing. 

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